Examples of the Collocation Casino

Listed below are examples of the collocation casino. The examples are drawn from web sources and corpora. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the Cambridge Dictionary editors or the Cambridge University Press or its licensors. For more examples, see Casino. This article covers Slot machines and table games. For more examples of the casino phrase, see Table games and Craps. In addition to gambling, casinos also offer a wide variety of other activities, including bingo and card games.

Slot machines

Modern slot machines have many features that make them more enjoyable. Many are computerized and harder to calculate than their mechanical counterparts. They are also more flexible, as their reels can have as many as 20 symbols. There are various terms and conditions that govern the features of each particular slot machine. These factors make modern slot machines an excellent choice for casino goers who want a more exciting game. But there is one drawback to modern slots: they are not very easy to understand. If you want to understand the differences between different slot machines, here are some facts about their characteristics.

Table games

If you’re looking for a fun and fast-paced game of chance, casinos offer plenty of casino table games. Blackjack is a great game to start with as it is easy to learn, and many casinos feature handicap-accessible blackjack tables. Craps is another popular game of chance that offers fast action and lots of different wagering options. You can also play Mini-Baccarat, a version of Baccarat that has fewer betting options.

Video poker

The payback percentage and rules of casino video poker vary widely. The best games pay out the highest rated hands, including the royal flush and straight flush. To play, you simply insert money into the machine, and the computer converts it into credits. There are many different varieties of this casino game, and players should be cautious when choosing which ones to play. Below are some tips to make the best decision for your money. These tips can help you win at casino video poker.


There are a few differences between online casino craps and traditional offline casino games. First, online craps is easier to play and less social. Secondly, online craps does not have the fixed dice problem. However, this is not the only difference between the two games. Street Craps is not as traditional as casino Craps but is similar in spirit. In addition, players can play for fake money. Ultimately, the difference is largely irrelevant.


The game of keno was introduced to casinos in the early 20th century, and the number combinations grew in popularity. Players originally wrote 80 numbers on pieces of paper, which were then put in tubes. Twenty of these were drawn out, and were the winning numbers. The game has also evolved to use wooden balls, sometimes referred to as “peas”.