What Are Fruits?

There are three basic types of fruits: simple fruits, aggregate fruits, and accessory ones. Each type of fruit contains several different types of seeds and can be identified by their shapes and colors. To learn more about these different kinds of fruit, consult BYJU’S online biology dictionary. This will help you determine which varieties of fruit are best for your health. In addition to learning about the various types of seeds, you can also learn about the benefits of eating a variety of fruits.


Generally, the shape of the fruit will depend on its mode of dispersal. For example, fruits with multiple seeds are called aggregate fruits. However, if many seeds are produced from one flower, multiple fruits result. A complex fruit is called a polyploid, while one with only a single pistil is classified as a multi-fruit. In addition, some fruits have specialized parts that help pollinators disperse their seeds.

The structure of a fruit depends on how it is dispersed. Some fruits are dispersed via animals, while others are dispersed by wind, water, or explosive dehiscence. While the shape of a fruit may seem simple to a layperson, it has a complex history. Aside from being the most common type of fruit, many species of plants have numerous varieties of fruits, including a variety of berries, apricots, and blackberries.

A fruit’s development can take years. Once fertilized, the ovule develops into a seed and ripens. It may even become fleshy and form an outer covering called the pericarp. At this point, the petals and stamens will fall off. The development of a fruit will continue until the seeds are mature. The amount of flesh development is proportional to the number of fertilized ovules.

The concept of a fruit is based on theoretical and practical considerations. For example, a pea plant has a single pistil and one megasporophyll. A pea plant’s carpel has a single carpel. The carpel evolved from a leaflike organ with ovules that folded along a median line. Similarly, a berry’s female cone is not a fruit, but a type of flower.

A fruit is a type of flower that is grown from an ovary. It develops from the ovary of the plant. The ovary is a reproductive structure that carries seeds. The ovary is also a part of a plant. The ovaries in the flower are called carpels. A ripe ovary is called a fruit. The ovules inside the ovary produce a seed.

A fruit’s structure is composed of three different parts. First, the flower’s reproductive organ is the carpel. Its stigma and ovary merge to form a fruit. The fruit’s outermost layer is called the exocarp. It gives the texture to the surface of the berry. The middle layer is called the mesocarp, which develops into the fleshy part of the berry. The endocarp is the part of a fruit that is connected to the placenta.