Types of Games

The term games includes a broad range of activities. Some games are physical in nature while others are virtual. Some are simulations of real world activities, such as piloting vehicles or sports. Others are simulations of civilizations and farming. Some of the best known games have complex plots and challenging gameplay. Some types of games can also involve strategic thinking and a variety of other elements. The following are examples of the types of games and some of their features.


Incremental games involve improving the gamer’s performance over time, while some include physical activity. These types of games are easy to learn, while others require minimal interaction from the user. In general, however, most of these games are designed for mass appeal and involve repetitive tasks. These types of games are also designed to trigger positive emotions. Unlike complex, specialized video games, they require minimal interaction from the player. Instead of a single goal, a player progresses through a series of tasks that improve their performance.

Many people believe that games were first used in ancient religions. In fact, some ancient people used bones to create their first games. Other early versions of the game include Senet, which is said to be more than 5,000 years old. Although the first known game pieces are primitive, they have the potential to be dated back to a period as ancient as 3,500 BC. But more recent studies suggest that humans have been playing games since before the emergence of computers.