What is a Ball?


A ball is a round object that is spherical in shape. The word ball comes from Greek, and means “to cling”. It is also used as a synonym for sphere. A ball can be either solid or hollow, and can be used in many different games. Baseball and softball are two common examples of games that involve balls. Players typically hit the ball with their hands, but in some instances the batter may strike the ball with a bat.

The word ball is also used to refer to a solid or hollow body that is protuberant. It is a ball that is used for many different types of sports. It is also used to refer to sexual intercourse. The word ball is often used in the plural, and is usually a solid projectile. It is a common term used to describe a sphere. A baseball pitch, for example, doesn’t have to pass over the batter’s shoulders or knees, because the ball is a solid object. A military sphere, however, is a solid projectile that is hollow inside. In general, the word “ball” is used to refer to any rounded or protuberant object.

Another term for a ball is shell. It is a solid projectile that is used in military games. In other words, a ball is an unbreakable solid projectile. A military ball is a solid object used for combat. The word ball is also used to describe an object that is spherical in shape, but is not hollow. Generally, a ball is a hollow, spherical object.

The term ball can be a solid or a hollow object. In many games, a ball is thrown, kicked, or hit, as a tool. A ball is a solid object that is used to launch an object, whether it’s an arrow or a rock. There are many applications for a ball in our lives. It’s not just a useful tool, but can serve as a vehicle for our daily lives.

A ball is a solid, hollow, or egg-shaped object. It is a commonly used prop in sports. A ball can also be a solid object. Despite its name, a ball is a spherical body that is used for sport. In baseball, the player can’t hit the ball with a hardball. If a person is struck by a ball, he must be on his toes to avoid injury.

A ball is a round body that can be solid, hollow, or egg-shaped. It is a common object in various sports and games. For example, a bowler delivers the ball to the batter. In a cricket match, a bowler can deliver a batted-ball to the batter. In a tennis match, the fielder delivers the bouncing ball to the other team. A ball is a spherical object.