How to Define Games

Some people have different definitions of games. Some are purely physical, while others require players to exert considerable effort. The latter category includes the most commonly played board games. Regardless of their definition, all games involve some type of competition. While some games are played cooperatively, others require players to compete against the computer or other players. A few of these games are considered purely mental, as the players are not required to use any physical strength. The following are some of the more common categories of games.


The goal of a game is to challenge the player and achieve a specific objective. In addition, a game should involve interaction between players. A good definition of a game is a game that involves a player’s actions, rules, and participation. Usually, these elements include physical and mental stimulation, but there are exceptions. Some games serve as an educational tool, while others provide psychological and simulational benefits. Some games are simply a means of entertainment, while others are more like works of art.

All games are different, but some have common characteristics. The most fundamental is the idea that they bring people together. While most games involve multiple players and a group experience, there are some that are primarily solo. These include solitaire games and computer games. Many of them also incorporate a role of creative expression and are intended to foster individuality. It’s important to know how to define a game and how to use it in different environments.