The Benefits of Online Marketing in 2016

Marketers strive to make sure that their products and services match the interests of their target audiences. By identifying customer needs, adapting their products and services to meet those needs, and increasing their profitability, they can build a stronger and more loyal customer base. In 2015, marketers continued to explore the power of big data and marketing automation, but in 2016, video content continued to grow. The popularity of Facebook and YouTube has led to new video platforms such as IGTV. Additionally, Gen Z has become a key focus for marketing, with the hot app TikTok.


TV advertising surpasses radio and magazine ad revenues. Telemarketing becomes increasingly popular as a means of contacting potential buyers. Print media suffers from the exhaustion of the outbound marketing formula. In 1973, Martin Cooper makes the first cell phone call. In 1980, Apple introduces the Macintosh. The period between 1990 and 1994 marks the beginning of major advances in 2G technology. In 1993, the first case of commercial spam in e-commerce is recorded. In 1997, Google launches its search engines.

The benefits of online marketing go beyond just getting the attention of customers. It can increase market share, generate more revenue, and increase profitability. Research is the foundation of any marketing activity. With research, you can determine which marketing channels are most effective for your target audience. A thorough understanding of consumer demographics and age groups can help you find the best channels for marketing. In addition, market research can help you find out which products and services will generate the most interest and ultimately, increase sales.