The Definition of Games

A game is an activity with rules and is performed by a team or a single player. The objective is to reach a goal, win, or defeat the other player. A game can be played with real or wiffleballs, and one or more bases can be used. The word “game” is derived from the Ancient Greek words gamanai and gamananai, meaning “games of chance.” The term game is also used to describe a competition between two individuals. A game can be an entire encounter or a single contest between two people.


The definition of games has been debated, but generally, a game is a structured form of play undertaken for recreation or educational purposes. A game is different from art because it is purely an entertainment activity. Art reflects aesthetic elements and may also be used as an educational tool. However, a wide variety of games are considered works of art or works of craft. A game can be played for pleasure or for achievement, whether it is a competitive or cooperative endeavor.

A game can be classified according to its key elements. These elements are the tools that a player uses to play the game. The tools and rules that a player uses are called the major key elements. These elements provide the context for the game. In this figure, we see pieces from various games. Chess pawns are at the top of the chart. The pieces in the Monopoly game are shown in the lower row. These are the pieces used in checkers.