The Definition of Health


The Definition of Health

The World Health Organization’s constitution came into force in 1948, and defines health as “the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” The writers of this document were conscious of the tendency to think of health solely in terms of disease, and sought to include the entire human life in this definition. The word “health” has come to mean a lot of things, but it’s not just about the absence of illness. The definition should include the physical, mental, and social dimensions of life.

The definition of health reflects the complexity of the subject. It encompasses physical, mental, and social resources. The right to health is a fundamental human right. It requires that every human being has the opportunity to enjoy the highest possible standard of health. It is a basic human right that requires the full co-operation of all individuals. The promotion of health is a common concern of the human community. Moreover, health cannot be achieved by a single person.

Various health disciplines have important roles to play in society. The first two focus on the physical and social resources that are essential for a good life. The third focuses on the mental and emotional aspects. The last two emphasize the value of relationships and social networks. The third aims to enhance the quality of life of individuals. The definition of health must incorporate the perspectives of individuals and address the scales of human values. People should be motivated to make healthier choices and take action to protect their health.