Types of Vegetable Fruits and Flower Carpets That Are Used in Cooking

In botany, a fruit tree is simply the underground stem-shaped structure in non-flowering plants which is formed by the ovary stem after fertilization. This kind of plant is found in every region in the world. Every country has its own peculiarities in terms of the kind of fruit trees that grow best in that specific country. Some of the more common ones are mentioned below.


Acorn Fruits, also known as acorns, are small and dark brown in color and have small black dots and spots all over them. The seeds are inside the center of the acorn and these are enclosed in a protective capsule that cannot be removed without causing the seeds to burst. There are varieties of this fruit but the most popular in the United States is the’red oak’. Red oak acorns have a higher content of antioxidants and this makes them very useful as food substances and for various other purposes too. The same quality in the seeds that makes them ideal for fertilization produces a quality fruit.

Dried Ovary Fruits have small seeds, white flesh and contain a sweet pulp inside them. The seeds when cracked open produces an aroma that is quite pleasant. These fruits are also good for making jams and jellies, although they do not have as much fructose as the fruit tree’s fruit bearing counterpart do. The dried fruit is very succulent and has a flavor that is quite similar to cranberry’s.

Fruit of the Month – this type of fruits have several flowers on the stem. Each flower contains a single seed and it is commonly believed that this fruit can produce several new plants each month. This is quite untrue and it is likely that only a few varieties of this fruit have this ability. The fruit usually weighs about one-fourth of a pound.

Single Flower – fruits develop from just a single flower. While this may sound unusual, when you look closely at the fruit you will notice that the single flower appears to be connected to only one or two pistils. There is no other visible connection between the flowers. In some species there are multiple flowers on each stem, but not with this species.

Flower Carpets – these types of fruits have many small flower buds on the stem along with several long stalks down the stem. The flower buds have only a single flower bud and have several petals. The carpels inside the floral tube carpet may either be colored or white. Usually there are only a few petals and a white lace like covering on the stem of the flower. The carpels can be used in a variety of cooking recipes and the longer stems can add more texture to soups and stews.