An Overview of the Game

Association football, also called football or simply football, is a team game played between two sides of eleven players with each side wearing black and white jerseys. It is the most popular game in the world and is played by more than 250 million people in more than 200 countries and dependencies. There are two types of football: English Premier League (EPL) and American Professional Football (APL). Each league has their own rules and specifications for the equipment and it is therefore necessary to know the rules and regulations of the leagues before starting a game. However, since this game is played internationally, the referee always stands on the sidelines to take control of the match.


The game is divided into three phases: offence, defence and goal scoring. offence is when a player scores against the other teams’ goal using any method such as kicking the ball, receiving the ball or using any part of the body. Defence is the act of preventing the opponents from gaining extra possessions of the ball. The goal is the total number of points that can be made by the offence and/or the defence. Different teams may use different methods to defend and attack the ball. Goals are scored when a team scores more goals than the other teams.

The main part of the football game is the attacking phase. This is where the football team tries to create opportunities for scoring a goal by taking the ball through the field. When the football moves to the opposing team’s goal line, either by kicking it or passing it, a goal is scored. The football must be kept in play at all times and allowed to move forward until it reaches the opposing team’s goal line. A foul from either team of football can end the play and the ball will be re-played.

Each team has three members that participate in the game; the offence, the defence and the special teams. The offence is where a team takes the ball into the field and tries to score a touchdown by touching it with one of their ten feet before the opposition can touch it again. The defence is where a player defends the goal against any type of attempt by the other team to take the ball into the end zone. When the football becomes grounded, either by being kicked out or passed to a free-kick team by the referee, a point is scored.

When the football is in the end zone, either through a kick or passing to an open goal, a extra point is awarded to the winning team. This is called the extra point and it is given on a round robin basis. When the football crosses the fifteen yard line, another penalty awaits the offending team. They will have to pay a penalty fee to the other team and they will have to forfeit the round robin game. Extra points are made every time the football crosses the goal line and when the ball is kicked or passed to an open goal.

In the United States, football has two teams playing across the United States and they are called the National Football Conference and the National Football Association. Each conference has eleven players from both teams. Each team has three offense players, two defensive players and two special teams players that are each on the field for a total of fourteen players. The American football Association is run by a separate governing body than the NFL and both leagues have separate conferences.