Ball Play

A ball is basically a round shaped object with many different purposes. It’s used in ball games, whereby the whole play of the sport follows the path of the ball when it’s being hit, tossed or thrown. Balls can also be played for less simple purposes, like juggling or catching. It is important to have a good understanding of this game before playing.


The first ball type that comes to mind is the bowling ball. This ball has long seams, and looks like bowling pins with a handle at one end. They come in all sizes, from youth sizes to adult sizes. Bowling balls are most commonly played on grass or turf, although some people like to bowl on concrete or a harder surface. They’re usually round and/or flat, but can be custom made to be more or less cylindrical depending on the desired ball shape.

The next ball type that comes to mind is the golf ball. Unlike the bowling ball, a golf ball has straighter edges and a small circular hole at the bottom. They are generally played on a hard surface, such as a diamond or a sand course.

Another ball type is the oval ball, which is similar to the bowling ball, in that it also has straighter edges and a small circular hole at the bottom. These types are usually best played on a hard surface, like a diamond or a sand course. Oval golf balls have a hole on each side of a number, and are generally considered the easiest type of ball to use, although they do tend to be a little less predictable than bowling balls or beach balls.

Beach balls and pocket balls are a different type of ball altogether. Beach balls are hollow, and have no “guts” at all. Pocket balls, by comparison, have tiny holes where a rope handle would be, to allow for the release of air when the ball is thrown. Both of these balls are used primarily for table games. However, there is no record of any professional bowlers throwing a beach ball into a lake, and most nonprofessional bowlers probably wouldn’t know how to play with a pocket ball.

Ball bearings are another important part of the game of bowling. Although ball bearings were invented to increase the overall stability of bowling pins, they have also developed to become more widely used within other sporting activities. The radial load ball bearings, which are larger, smoother, and more consistent than their smaller counterparts, are used primarily in handball and badminton equipment. Other ball bearings are used for the stability of baseball bats and even golf clubs.