Different Codes of Soccer and Football


Different Codes of Soccer and Football

Association football, commonly called just football, is a common team sport played by a flat spherical ball containing eleven players. It is the most popular sport in the world, with over 250 million people playing it in more than 200 nations and dependencies. The game has its origins in England when the English footballers would travel to Africa and Asia to play against fellow players and teams. From these experiences, the game has taken different shapes and forms taking in different rules and strategies. Today, football is a well established sport with multiple international tournaments held regularly.

One of the oldest and most widely known types of football is Association football. The rules of this type of football are almost the same as of soccer; the only major difference is the need to kick the ball using a standard ball made out of rubber. Kicks are made through a simple application of pressure onto the ball using either a stick or a foot. The object of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal using the most successful kick. Unlike soccer, there is not a player standing on the bench to rest or receive a penalty kick, the referee is in-charge of the match and decides what the rules will be.

Association football can be played on a number of surfaces including grass, mud, sand, even snow. The football equipment used is quite similar to that of soccer with a few minor variations; for instance, in association football, one team must keep their jerseys clean while the other’s are washed. The game also differs slightly in that in an Association football game, only players on the field may wear pads while the goalposts and other goals have safety nets. Because of this, many people compare the game to cricket, which has been played with 12 players at a time, while association football has a limit of 11 players on the field at any given time.

Another version of football is rugby football. Rugby is a team sports that involves a set number of players on each team. The sport is played with a ball, but no real contact occurs. Many children who start playing soccer or who see football on television begin to dream of becoming part of their school’s football team, but they do not play the sport because they think it is too harsh or they do not like the prospect of a bruise forming on their face every time they take a knee to push the ball downfield.

College football is another well known sport that evolved from American football. Unlike football that is played by a small group of players, college football allows a team of players to compete against each other. Most college football games end up being overtime affairs, and overtime plays a large role in deciding who will win the game.

Finally, another sport that evolved from American football is rugby union football. Similar to association football, rugby union football includes a ball, a goal post, and three legs with a hook, tap, and catch. The sport is often played between two teams that are part of a professional league. Many colleges and universities offer a rugby union program for students who wish to play the sport.