The Game Of Football

Association football, also called just football as well as football around the world, is an organized team sport usually played by a rectangular ball with eleven players on each side. It is the most popular game in the world, with about 250 million people playing it in more than 200 nations and dependencies. Countries like Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany, England, Belgium, Uruguay, Chile and Wales are among the countries that have organized football competitions. More recently, a number of countries like Nigeria, Australia, Japan, China, India and South Africa are organizing and hosting their own versions of football. In this way, the game has experienced a rapid expansion in the playing community and throughout the world.


The game of football is simple: three penalty boxes are positioned around the goal area. The ball can only be played inside the boundary lines, which are markings on the ground just outside the goal area. Two fouls before the whistle blows and a goal is scored, one penalty box is filled by the referee with his/her yellow hand. After the fouls are whistled, the ball is moved to the other fouls, where the other team’s players must play the ball within the designated boundary lines.

Kicking is the most fundamental skill required in football. A successful kick is made when the player executes a technique called striking the ball with the front foot. This is done by balancing the weight of the body on the front foot, using the strongest leg. This technique is called striking or heading the ball. However, there are different types of kicks and some rely on strength while others rely on finesse.

International football is played between teams in leagues and tournaments organized by governing body sport. A match doesn’t end just there. Instead, it continues until either team scores a winning goal. The score becomes the overall winning or losing number. In order for the game to continue, time is stopped and the winner is declared.

A match is normally played on an artificial turf. Different teams have different colors and logos and may wear different colored clothing to advertise their teams. When you watch sports programs on television, you may see football being played. It may not be as intense as playing in a real life competition, but it still counts as a sport. To be considered as a real sport, the ball needs to be touched by two people. Touching the ball with one’s hands results in a touch and therefore one cannot play the game by just kicking the ball.

The four corners of the field are also referred to as the end zone. The goal is the only point that cannot be taken by either team. Touching the ball with two hands results in touching the end zone. Each team has five minutes to play; five minutes will end at the end of the halftime. The overtime begins after the final whistle blows when a team scores more points than the other team.