A Brief History Of The Football Association

Association football, more commonly called just football or soccer, is an organized team sport played between two parallel teams of eleven players each. It is played worldwide by about 250 million players in more than 200 different countries and de facto, the world’s largest sport. The word “football” is derived from the German term “fahrk”, which means “the game”. The popularity of the game has given rise to numerous nicknames and colors, such as red, white and blue. Soccer matches are typically played in a rectangular shaped field with goals called corners.


In its early years, association football was played exclusively for men. However, recent years have seen a significant increase in the participation of women in soccer games. Because of this, there have been many changes in the rules of association football over the years. One notable change was the introduction of goal posts for extra points. Goals are now scored when a ball passes by a goal post and touches the upright surface.

Association football is played between two competing teams. Each team consists of eleven players, with the remaining five members playing on the bench. The football field is divided by a central square, known as the centerline, which serves as the field boundary. The football lines are usually colored black and white, to distinguish the sides of the field from one another. Each team uses three players in the formation of the forwards, while two players are used as wingers. These players take turns being the passers by passing the football to their teammates, who then play the ball forward to the other players.

A tournament lasting for a year is known as the World Cup soccer tournament, which is hosted every four years by the FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations) and its European confederations. Every four years, the different countries is chosen as the “host” and the teams are split into groups with different teams. The format of the tournament is such that the four teams with each having a maximum of three players are pitted against the third-placed team. After a lengthy bidding war, the hosting country gets the bid and the other teams have to agree to this or lose out on the prize money. The World Cup can either be played at home or away, depending on the preference of the governing body. When the final decision has been made, the teams play each other with penalty kicks before making a draw.

Two of the most famous football codes in the UK are West Ham United and Manchester City. Both of these clubs represent the North West of England and as well as the National Premier League in England. Both teams have a rich history and have won the premiership and the FA Cup title several times, while West Ham has several trophies to their name including the famous double-winning Cup Winners’ Cup. Manchester City also has a rich history and is currently second in the league after Watford, who they beat in the recent finals.

The English Football Association is the governing body for the football league in the UK. It is the responsibility of the FA to set up and run competitions and monitor the standards of play of the various teams. The FA is also responsible for the running of the international football tournaments and qualification tournaments which see teams from all around the world to compete against one another. In addition to the league and qualifying competitions, the FA also organises many other major sporting events, including the Olympics, World Cups and the Commonwealth Games. It is therefore no surprise that the FA have a large budget each year which enables them to not only promote and market the sport in the UK, but to also organise major sporting events like the Football World Cup.