Ball Bearings – How They Are Used in Remote Control Airplanes

A ball is actually a round sphere with many different uses. It’s used in sports, where the sport of ball playing follows the motion of the ball after it’s been hit, thrown or tossed. Other balls are used for simple exercises, like juggling or catch. But balls are most commonly played in sports where there are two teams, and the ball serves as the center of focus. In most sports, the object of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s court or goal.


The game of soccer evolved from the game ball itself. Back in the days, a ball was simply a long, flat stick with a little “thick” on the end to hold it onto a surface. Because of its flat surface, it was naturally attracted to oil and grease, which would cause it to stick to anything it could land on, especially in hard, rough surfaces. In time, engineers discovered that adding a little bit of sulfur to the ball could make it more attractive to the eyes of birds and other animals. Sulfur-dioxide ball bearings first appeared in the 18th century.

Ball bearings can be grouped into two main categories. There are thrust load bearing balls, which use rolling rollers on one or both sides of a ball. These types of ball bearings tend to have a lot of teeth, which help to increase the amount of friction they experience when moving. On the other hand, rotary load bearing balls use helical screw threads on their shafts. These types of ball bearings tend to have fewer teeth, which make them more suited to smooth movement. They also tend to have a higher degree of taper.

Today, ball bearings are still used extensively in a variety of industries, including aviation, power lifting, industrial applications and racing. Of course, most of these uses are for aerospace purposes. In fact, some of today’s high-tech aircraft are powered by bearings. In addition, some of today’s more sophisticated automobiles use ball bearings as well.

Many RC toys use kBC free style game balls. This is a different kind of game ball than what you would find at your local store. KBC free style game balls have been specifically designed to withstand high-impact abuse, which makes them ideal for many indoor hobbies. For example, kBC has developed its own tournament format, called the Big Game, where competitors race their radio control airplanes through obstacle courses using only game balls.

There are numerous benefits to using ball bearings. They provide excellent friction reduction, increased ball stability, and better handling. They also provide smooth and reliable operation under any conditions, and they can handle large loads, thanks to their superior size and design. Axial loads are not the only benefit to be found by using ball bearings. They are also quieter, which adds to the enjoyment of any remote controlled airplane.