The Role of the Public Health and Wellness Service in Promoting Healthy Living

Health is an overall condition of psychological, physical and social well Being where infirmity and illness are absent. Various definitions have been employed for many purposes over the years. According to the latest American Health Association (AHA) definition, a state of health implies “a state of good health with respect to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases”. The condition of health varies greatly from person to person with a healthy person being that person’s prime definition of health. In reality it is the state of not feeling sick.


Developed countries suffer most from the consequences of stress as it is directly connected to the level of living and the level of social interaction. The poor nutrition and the exposure to physical pollution contribute largely to the problems of stress. The stress can be manifested by various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, ulcers, hypertension, depression, infections, diabetes, and obesity among others. It is important to adopt a healthy diet and a stress-free lifestyle so as to achieve a healthy and stress free life.

Stress is also related to the health of an individual and therefore, it is necessary to adopt a personal health regimen including a healthy lifestyle. The best way of improving your lifestyle and avoiding the impact of stress is through exercise. Exercise has been shown to relieve tension and anxiety and to enhance the well being. However, one of the best methods of combating stress is through adopting a healthy diet. A well balanced diet that contains all essential nutrients and minerals can improve your physical well being.