Understanding the Concept of Marketing

Marketing refers to the process by which a business undertakes to advertise the sale or purchase of a certain product, service, or asset. It is one of the most important aspects of any business and is used to identify prospective customers and present information to them about the nature and quality of the goods or services they are selling. Marketing is also called advertising as it is used to notify people about a specific business. The marketing techniques used by businesses vary depending on the nature of the goods or services they sell.


Marketing is divided into two main categories, namely the direct marketing technique and the marketing mix technique. In the direct marketing technique, the marketing strategies are implemented by a single firm whereas in the marketing mix technique, several firms participate in the marketing activities. The various techniques used for marketing include distribution of coupons, discounts, advertisements in newspapers and television, and giving away free gifts. A firm can use any of these techniques as they prefer. However, the marketing strategies have to be in accordance with the nature and objectives of the products or services being marketed.

Internet marketing refers to using online resources in order to reach consumers. This includes search engine optimization, e-marketing, web content development, and online marketing campaigns that may include email marketing, affiliate marketing, and pay per click marketing. These techniques may include the use of social media, e-mail marketing, content marketing, and other paid online advertisements that draw consumers to the website. There are many internet marketing companies that provide these services and so it is advisable to hire one in order to launch a profitable marketing campaign.