Marketing Four Ps: Satisfaction Is the First Key


Marketing Four Ps: Satisfaction Is the First Key

When it comes to effective marketing, there are plenty of factors that you need to consider. For one, marketing involves communication with your audience so you have to make sure that you will be able to communicate well in order to persuade them to avail of your product or service. Moreover, the market is really competitive these days so you have to make all efforts not only to survive but also to excel. If you are aiming for greater profitability, marketing is definitely the way to go.

In fact, marketing is not only limited to the exchange of products or services but it also includes four Ps which include the following: customer, product, place, and plan. These four Ps define marketing as the process by which you will be able to identify your customer, establish a relationship with them, and finally selling your offerings to them. As you can see, marketing is about the exchange of your wares with your customers. Aside from that, it also involves the use of your advertising medium like billboards, television, radio, and other forms of media.

With this in mind, you might be wondering what is the role of marketing these days. The answer is simple because people nowadays want more from their customers. They are continuously looking for a new product or experience-based marketing, which will help them enhance their lives. In short, they are looking for something that can satisfy their needs. With this in mind, new marketing trends such as customer relationship management or CRM are being utilized by companies to improve customer satisfaction.